Steam Boiler Risk Assessment Training

Steam Boiler Risk Assessment

A risk based approach to steam system design.

Course Introduction

Risk assessment is a course designed to boost the health and safety knowledge of delegates previously unfamiliar with risk assessment, in line with the HSE Guide INDG436.

This one day course will take you through the process of risk assessment, with a detailed look at methods of risk assessment and their application to steam systems and boilerhouses.

Participation in the course will provide you with an understanding of different types of risk, how to assess them and how to manage them including conflicts between different types of risk.

It is intended that this can then be taken away and applied to your places of work.


The course will emphasise the importance of thorough steam system risk assessments and how to conduct them, including scenarios of typical potential risks, how to reduce these and document all observations and recommended improvements.

The course will employ a number of established risk assessment techniques such as:
• Risk assessment checklists
• What if?
• Analysis
• Layer of Protection Analysis.

All of the above will be directly applied to scenarios within the boilerhouse and also the steam system.

Key elements of the course:

• Hazards associated with steam and steam boilers.
• The application of the design process to risk reduction.
• The importance and application of understanding risk when specifying safety critical systems.
• Identification and mitigation of contingent risks.
• Examples of incidents and accidents and how they might have been avoided by the application of risk assessment and risk
• Systems of work from a risk perspective.
• The appropriate use of risk assessment.
• Appropriate types of risk assessment.
• Fault finding and troubleshooting.
• Good practice in the design and operation of steam systems and steam boilers.

Assessment Method

Certificate of attendance issued upon course completion.


Byworth Boilers Ltd, Parkwood Street, Keighley, BD21 4NW.