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Meet Teresa Kendall

Introducing Our New Training & Spares Sales Assistant

We interviewed our new Training & Spares Sales Assistant, Teresa Kendall, so we could get to know her a little better…turns out – she’s got a couple of surprises!

What’s your background?

I come from a customer service background, primarily in shops. My last job was actually working for an accountancy firm.

What do you do at Byworth?

My role is ‘Training and Spares Sales Assistant’ which involves both customer service and admin responsibilities over the two departments.

What is something boiler operators or managers have to deal with that you want to help with? How do you understand your clients’ problems, and what’s your approach to helping them?

We help our clients become competent in operating boiler systems; which is essential to the duty of care of their fellow employees, but also to the longevity and efficiency of their boiler plant.

When building a new relationship with our customers, we first need to understand what type of training they need… For example, they may be new to boiler operation and so would only need fundamental training without any formal exams.

Often, customers are not aware that they actually need 6 months prior experience working on industrial boilers before they are eligible to attend and complete the BOAS course and qualification. We help them understand what’s required in building their evidence packs which they need to complete with their applications.

What have you learnt about the role so far?

That I knew nothing about boilers! – When I was asked, “do you know anything about steam?” – I responded, “it comes out of a kettle!” – now I know that it is used in practically everything, from food production to furniture production to medical sterilisation!

What’s the best thing you’re working on right now?

The most interesting is the courses and the people that attend them – learning their different roles and industries.

What are your plans for your role in the upcoming months?

I’m planning on attending our 2-day fundamental course and the BG04 water treatment course to help me better understand. Then eventually I’ll sit the BOAS course, because the more I learn, the more I’ll be able to help our customers and offer them the best possible training experience.

What do you like about working at Byworth?

The people, the atmosphere, it’s very friendly.

Above: Teresa getting ready for a biker’s day out

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My partner rides bikes so I love going on biker days out.
I walk a lot because I have 2 dogs.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

One of my dogs is a Northern Inuit, and he was bred from the same people whose dogs feature in the Game of Thrones tv series.

What are the values that drive you?

Spending quality time with my family.


Looking for specific training courses?
Why not give us a ring and ask to speak to Teresa…she’ll be happy to help answer your questions or guide you through what best suits your needs.

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