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Revealed: What’s Happening at the #Jointheinnovators Company!?

A £2m+ factory extension, new equipment set to reduce processing time, a record-breaking month of orders and redefining our service functions…
…Byworth Boilers have been heavily investing in the future…

With an increased demand for our products and services, Byworth are taking action to ensure we deliver great customer experiences and services that create value.

By late 2017, Byworth recognised the need to increase its manufacturing capacity and capabilities. The new production facility has been designed to offer leaner manufacturing processes with enhanced customer areas for meetings, factory tours and formal managerial & operator training courses.

This latest extension will be the 10th land and building investment that Byworth has undertaken in its 50-year history. It will take a year overall to complete.

Byworth’s Production Director, Rob Baldwin is seen here by the extension with Sutcliffe’s Project Manager, Adrian who is overseeing the works

Empowering Our People

Production Director, Rob Baldwin and Production Programmer, Jamie Crawford recently went to Messer’s factory in Germany. The purpose of the visit was to see Byworth’s new CNC plasma/profile cutter in action and witness its first demo cuts as part of the factory acceptance test.

The made-to-order machine was an easy decision for Rob and Jamie when considering their options. Jamie commented:

“Our other two machines were made by Messer and we’ve had a really good history with them.
“Our current machine is slower due to the oxyfuel cutting element, where it travels between 350mm per minute – 450mm per minute; however, the new one travels somewhere in the region of 2metres per minute.”

Rob Baldwin comments:

“It’s important to involve and empower our people in these decisions – they’re the experts after all. This approach has always generated the best results and returns for us and subsequently our customers”.

Factory acceptance test on the new Omnimat at Messer’s factory

Record-Breaking Month

In July, Byworth experienced a record month of new boiler sales. Byworth continues to have clear vision and goals where strong communication, the ability to build relationships with others, and a desire to learn are all vital in customer engagement. Byworth achieves client goals by having a sales force of highly committed, ambitious individuals that exhibit authenticity.

John Hirst, Sales Manager, comments:

“A record month for new boiler sales is not only a fantastic achievement for our Sales Department but also a testament to the wider Byworth team; such an achievement does not come easily. This is an exciting time to be working in this industry – we look forward to new and exciting times ahead.”

The ever-popular Yorkshireman boiler has a typical efficiency of around 95% (based on nett calorific values)

Service and Maintenance Operations

Preparations are well underway to enhance how our service and maintenance functions of the business operate and support the increased business growth and customer base alike.

To allow us to react more efficiently to customer requests, Byworth have carried out the recruitment of new engineers nationally. Additionally, a new cloud-based service management software package is in the latter stages of implementation.

Our service and outside operations teams have been further strengthened in the last year with the purchase of new vehicles, which include bespoke racking systems that hold critical spare parts and service materials.

We recognise that the customer’s experience should not stop following their purchase of a new boiler, and that peak operating efficiency and reliability is of equal paramount.

What’s next:

Furthermore, we understand our customers require more flexible services which is why our future developments are sure to excite and benefit our existing and new customers. Stay tuned (later in the year) to discover how we will achieve this…

Richard Leeming, Operations Manager said:

“Customers need an efficient and cost-effective aftercare package when they purchase a new boiler. Over the years we have maintained boilers through their entire lifecycle, our overall aim is to keep the customer’s asset reliable and efficient and offer an entire package that provides value.” 

Craig Woodman, Operations Manager also commented on the developments:

“Being agile and responding to environmental changes is essential to our business. We enjoy being at the forefront of digital transformation and making it easier to pass our knowledge and experience on to the customer. We strive to maintain long-standing relationships with all our stakeholders.”

Here we see commissioning upgrade work carried out by our service team. New dual fuel burner replaced an old gas/aerosol burner and a new boiler control panel complying to BG01. The burner will see significant fuel and power savings for the customer with a VSD fan, 10:1 turndown and NOx emissions well below the required MCPD level
Byworth’s vans are kitted out to an extremely high standard with bespoke racking systems to ensure we deliver optimum services

Our Commitment

At Byworth, we create products that focus on minimising their environmental impacts when in use, whilst maximising their contribution to industry through efficiencies. By leveraging our engineering talent and capability, we can deliver more efficient products and services and unlock exciting business opportunities to our partners.

Gavin Hindle, Projects Director comments:

“The company’s ever-evolving brand and culture are what makes us stand out. All our investments are a testament to our #jointheinnovators DNA, whereby we adopt a culture of relentless change and innovation whilst ultimately putting our customers’ needs and our products at the centre of everything we do.”

In June 2019, Byworth continued to push the boundaries with one of the largest waste-heat steam boilers’ that we’ve built to date. With a weight of 84 tonnes when in operation and an output of 20 tonnes per hour of steam, it’s seen here (image above) leaving our factory before landing in its final destination at a leading plant-based ingredients company.

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